baby ganesh bosses me about the day’s business;

baby ganesh bosses me about the day’s business;
she wisely corrects me with an elephantine fuss.

she is queen victoria who has taken birth again,
whose commands continue to bind me nonetheless.

rimpoche is an old yogi who meditates on hats:
she wears chicago bulls and sports devilish bliss.

i walk with her hand in hand to find the best cookie,
or suffer a fate awful, with her irate, and me remiss!

my name is boy-head in her inscrutable humor;
i protest, but have nothing to say about this!

michael jackson is her girlfriend now in heaven,
because she ate too much. she is so bad and cross!

darvish lives with a great devotee of the master:
each day, she gives mehera’s baba button a kiss.




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