I read how our Judeo-Christian values are under attack:

I read how our Judeo-Christian values are under attack:
Cruz is alarmed that because of sharia, they’re about to crack:

“There is a plan, by satanic legal means, to revive the Caliphate,
and impose Islamic rule across the land. We must fight such hate!

We are facing a mortal threat to the survival of freedom, in fact;
now is Not the time to be polite, but to keep our Nation intact!

They will never turn the other cheek; this is an evil that commands
we blind their ambition with rhetoric, and smash with heavy hand.

We have a contract with Christ and all the redeemed, to renew;
our forbearers would clap with approval at what we must do.

This Righteous Nation will rise once again with mighty resolve,
purified of the dark and foreign menace of fanatic wolves.”

Such was the drift of Cruz and friends on the campaign trail;
Darvish is whirling and howling with scorn at such a fairy tale!










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