I am the Great Khan!

“Wild, blue heaven of pony pounding plains-
I swear by the breath of my annihilating name:

No man loves the purity of eternal azure
Like the Great Khan! May the Sky bless your pain!

Grace of arcing sword and gifted arrow are mine;
Manliness that kisses loyalty is my proud fame!

Not I , but the adamantine blue of perfect mood
Compels me to crush all that is weak and wanes.

I swear by the trembling orphan’s spirit of iron,
That all Light and Power support my domain.

God and Earth are one Love to me. Both exalt
My sovereign rule that considers all men the same!

I am the Great Khan, and my arm can stretch
And reach five thousand miles to prove my claim!”

Darvish hears the wind carry this song down from
Long ago, still loyal to the dust of the Khan’s remains.




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