The time was Abraham, and the Tower of Babel

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The time was Abraham, and the Tower of Babel
Was built to honor the cries of every idol.

Nimrod had fattened the many gods whose hunger
Was a frightful clamoring, and drunken rabble.

The State was all-mighty, and had empowered desire
By which to rule little lives with a rogue fable:

Nimrod is like unto God in wisdom and stature-
None, not even the One God, is as strong and able!

Khalil, the Friend of God, sent two mosquitoes to
Buzz inside the Giant’s ears. He collapsed in rubble.

The many gods now cry in anguish, but Bin Laden
Laughs: sacred history scripted his great lust to kill.

Nimrod struggles to find his feet. Darvish waits
For the Friend to drive all the gods from Love’s table.




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