On this day, the New Life began to never end

On this day, the New Life began to never end:
The God-Man lives this Life with His companions.

But not as God- only as Man and elder brother
Does he walk and beg incognito as the Friend.

“No Sheikh, no Brahmin, and no Guru, no disciple:
We have no caste, creed or religion to defend!”

“The companions must cheerfully accept everything
As the will of God, and drive desire from the mind.”

“We have become dead men and women walking
Who live in the Now, and on no one but God depend.”

“This helplessness and hopelessness is our joy-
We renounce all the confusion that fear commands.”

“Our only loyalty is to the oath that swears:
Never let go the Truth of the Friend’s daaman!”

By grace alone, Darvish walks the path of dust
To Manonash, to find the Love of that Pure-Land.











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