Authorities are freaking out over tents. Boy Scouts

“Authorities are freaking out over tents. Boy Scouts
Do as they are told, but these lazy people are louts!

Why are they camping in city parks? Please, why
Abandon secure and comfortable beds to die?

In the Big City, we are afraid and have strong doors
We lock night and day! We don’t sleep on dirt floors!

Vagrants should sleep in the safety of a padded cell–
Crazy people should not trade such heaven for hell.

Why don’t they take the right drugs? We have doctors,
Not pushers who keep us sharp! They are such bores!

But really, they don’t occupy themselves with profit!
They just pick up their miserable lives and toss it!”

Darvish lives in a regal teepee with full amenities-
He bathes with a bucket and shits into infinity.







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