Trust Malfeasance…

It is time that certain noxious facts concerning the AMBPPCT be publicly stated in an attempt to resolve them in a satisfactory manner. The Trustees have neglected to act on reports and information that implicate one of the Trustees, Mehernath Kalchuri, and need to act at once to restore credibility to the Trust.

The context for this fiasco is that Erico Nadel, in the months before his murder communicated to Trustees and others, some of them not living in India, that Mehernath is dishonest, a thug and compromises the integrity of the Trust. Erico believed that Mehernath should be sidelined from Trust politics. He also expressed the concern that he hoped he would not come to harm as a result of these beliefs. It should be stated that he did not involve his wife in these concerns, and in fact concealed them from her.

This disturbing scenario is of immediate and grave concern for the reason that there have been two reported incidents, in the months following Erico’s death, in which Mehernath made death threats against individuals at Meherabad. These reports are known to the Trustees, but no action has been taken, or appears likely to be taken, as they occurred over two years ago. Hence my public letter.


It should be noted that there has been a history of complaints, all well known to the Trustees, against Mehernath and his father, the Chairman of the Trust, concerning abusive and bullying behavior about money and land transactions (as well as other issues). This is the very behavior that Erico so strongly, even if quietly, objected to.



Sincerely, in the Lord and Master-
Bill Gannett


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  1. Renee says:

    Whilst you may not agree with everything he says or how he says it, the “Viveshwar” serial stories regarding Mehernath, in my opinion, deserve a read (below the Chinese it is rewritten in English):

    Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

    • Dominic Rice says:

      I followed your link and yes its disturbing reading if only because Mehernauth and wife behave so badly

  2. MM says:

    Has anybody asked John Connor’s opinion in regards Bhau Kalchuris land deals in the past. I once asked him why he left. His answer was “he speaks in Hindi too much”.
    I knew at once he was speaking of Bhau’s dirty dealings. Just because he is Mandali does not mean he is innocent.
    I remember, just before Bhau’s heart opperation he was visited by someone (now a trustee) and they were joking about the grain which spilled on the road which was to be given to an official as part bribe in order for the trust to become a charitable organisation. I was very naive then and was shocked.

  3. Hah! Since John used to translate Hindi into English and can follow what people are saying, that’s funny. Regarding bribes, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” Grain is Ceasar’s, the Charitable organization, the Trust, is God’s.

    • MM says:

      Whether John can or cannot understand hindi is irrelevant to the point. I knew what he was saying.
      BTW Are you calling me a liar?

    • Dominic Rice says:

      I asked Mehernauth directly yesterday and I have to say he lied to me, saying he knew nothing about the accusations. He odes I now know

  4. charmaine foley says:

    How low are we in character to write such evil. whoever and whatever we are we are all with baba. this diatribe says more about the writer than the accused.

    • Janice Eileen Stevens-Rice says:

      Dear Sisters and Brothers,
      I applaud eveyone’s input, insight and bravery.
      I have only just come to this discussion.
      I would like to bring a Nurse’s viewpoint.
      When I first met Bhau it was about 30 yrs ago.
      I next met him 5 years later.
      Something intangible had changed.
      When I next met him I was convinced that he was either suffering from some medication side effect that was muddling his mind or pre-senile dementia was occurring.
      When this occurs people can be easily manipulated.
      They also become increasingly aggressive as they become confused and frustrated.
      It is the human condition.
      Dear Heather cannot possibly be objective, she has suffered too much.
      This is also the human condition.

      Now the real question here is who is manipulating or stands to benefit?
      As an epidemiologist I had to find out the source of food poisoning.
      People were dying.
      I received hate mail from both relatives of patients and also the Hospital kitchen staff.
      All patients had eaten different foods.
      I woke up in the middle of the night sceaming “MAYONNAISE!”
      Yes it was the cause!
      Now I suggest we have a “Mayonnaise” factor at work again.
      A full legal investigation and audit should be demanded.
      The persons ‘most likely’ may be in fear of losing their own lives.
      Bring the “Trust” to full accountability.
      No more speculation or stories except in Court.
      How do we do this?
      Is there a Lawyer/Solicitor in the group?
      Over to you.In His Love.Janice.

  5. Janice Eileen Stevens-Rice says:

    STOP! Look at the issue and stop being emotional. Bill never started a hate campaign against one of the Mandali. It was an honest effort to get some real answers from the “TRUST”. Unfortunately it is private responses to individuals only.This is not acceptable.It is time for the Trust to have a full audit and enquiry.How can this be achieved? Some sensible thought people please.This is not about “Lord Meher”. It is about possible corruption of the Trust in a country in which this type of behaviour is endemic.Is there a Lawyer in the Room? How can we demand this? I am just a Nurse in another Country also.If people want to live in Fairyland and crystal pools of Bliss I suggest they go away and let those concerned get on with an action plan. We , as Beloved Baba’s Lovers are all responsible for His Wish and Will to be carried out with 100% Honesty.That is the God I know.In His Service.Janice.

  6. Mobile Boy says:

    Here’s what I can’t figure out:

    1. Why is Bhau still the Chair if they have taken away all of his responsibilities? Legally, at least here in the U.S., a chair has legal responsibilities that cannot be assigned to a committee – these involve signature authority and so forth. This seems illegal on the face of it, and I would suspect that the same legal authorities are in plae in India – is someone now forging his signature?

    2. If he is not the Chair for legitimate reasons that have to do with running the Trust, then I believe that one can really only assume that the same person who widely attempted to discredit and shame Don Stevens by calling him “Pope Don” appears himself to be the one who really wished to be a Pope (i.e. one who believes that his role in religious leadership is for life).

    For both reasons stated above, I believe that Bhau should do the only right thing available in the situation: resign/step down.

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