In The Year of the Water Dragon, good luck

In the year of the Water Dragon, good luck
Quacks her way to market like a Peking duck.

Power ebbs and dribbles into a big puddle,
And confidence dissipates into a muddle.

In the last year of the 13th Baktun, Mayan hope
Despairs of the innumerable Anglo dopes.

When Lord Neptune and his Trident enter Pisces,
Oceans boil in praise of spectacular crises.

In the month of November two thousand and twelve,
The ballot will be stuffed by political elves.

God help us all in the hour of our great need:
May the angel of death not drown us in greed!

Darvish plays in the tub with a rubber ducky
That quacks and quacks big bubbles of bhakti!




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