Hi-Po the hippo was abandoned as a baby

Hi-Po the hippo was abandoned as a baby;
Mr Hippo became his unwitting daddy.

Mrs Hippo yearned to keep the baby boy
Left on their doorstep, but he wanted no such joy.

This cute baby hippo inspired his decision
That little boys belong at the Police Station!

But on the way there, Hi-Po began to kick and scream;
Curious hippos wondered, why is Mr. Hippo so mean?

Police began to chase the furious Mr Hippo,
Now running with the basket holding Hi-Po.

Mr Hippo got arrested for kidnapping;
But the unhappy baby was kicking and crying.

The inquiring Captain could not hear himself think;
He ordered the baby coddled, and poured a drink.

No one could make the baby shut up, not even
Mrs Hippo who confirmed her husband’s Reason.

Until the devil was placed in Mr Hippo’s arms,
And became an angel by his musical charm.

Darvish heard he brought home the hippo baby,
And a rocking horse, red wagon, ball and puppy.




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