Bells ring, the heart sings god is dead- Love awakes

Bells ring, the heart sings god is dead– Love awakes:
The God Man smiles with infinite pain for our sake.

O the pain, the dull pain of the mind’s bitter greed
That plants and reaps eternally such barren seed.

Drown and drown again the interminable lies
Of the ego mind’s unceasing desperate cries!

Swallow your breath again and again ’till at last
Love becomes breathless and annihilates the past.

I am a slave of desire bound to a cruel wheel;
Only the Beloved’s grace can freedom reveal.

Each glance that flashes from the Master’s bright face
Liberates vicious unlove from the human race.

God is dead sings the joyous and awakened heart-
Love offers a rose to the Friend in chastened art.




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2 Responses to Bells ring, the heart sings god is dead- Love awakes

  1. [by way of commentary]

    A most unusual poem\
    like Brab in the 21st cent
    the “God’s dead” bit seems a koan
    mind puzzling out what is meant


  2. bill gannett says:

    Our concept of God has to die to accept him as the Friend.

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