Lives of regret fire my longing for eyes of light

Lives of regret fire my longing for eyes of light:
Despair is the veil that will reveal lips of delight!

The body of my idol is stark naked purity,
And her curves are full of robust sanctity.

The chains of curls that wrap around my throat
Inspire my bondage with the bolbol’s golden note.

What the rival said is all baroque and gibberish:
A single ringlet has left him spent and liverish.

The breeze at dawn caressed my mind into silence,
And my wild heart became a garden of fragrance.

But your lips, your lips full of clear and mature wine,
And your eyes full of light- they have denied mine!

O God, Darvish drinks the dregs from an empty glass,
For the idol has left him blind and in sober distress!










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