Congealed sanskaras gyre into the timeless now

Congealed sanskaras gyre into the timeless now:
Each breath contains all of time in the eternal Tao.

The dark clamor of unlived desire chokes my throat,
And twists and subverts song of pure and golden note.

I lean and loaf by bubbling spring and envy observes
How water caresses stone, earth and grass with verve.

The frozen past that melts in the present to reveal fate,
Is only altered by the fire of love that destroys hate.

Where my love and where the days lost in her hair?
Tears blind me to all except dark lonely despair.

This dance in which the lost partner can’t be found,
Makes me whirl to a timeless beat round and round.

Darvish breathes the Friend’s name with each breath,
And courts the lovely grace of the mind’s blessed death.




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