Ghazal #497, Divan-e-Shams-e-Tabrizi (Rumi)

The Sufis have arrived from left and right,
Door to door, alley to alley- “where’s the wine!”

The Sufi’s door- the heart, and his alley- the soul;
And the Sufi’s wine from the cellar of God!

The Saqi opened a bottle, and said
“Cheers to all who are lovers of mine!”

Wine such as this, and this drunkenness
Is lawful and legal in every religion!

Smash your repentance, for in our group
A thousand sins attend such repentance.

When you are smashed, say to the ascetic as well
“Cheers, because this day is the day of cheers!”

And if people throw you out of their sight,
You will find your place in the lovers’ eyes.

If your face should blacken, less the blame:
The lover’s life is without honor and place!

If all whom we know become lost to us,
We will meet the drowned in the same sea.











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  1. Sharab Ali says:

    Things are starting to get exciting!
    You are going to have the best Divan renderings.
    & I, Sharab Ali, is going to write the music.

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