Rumi quatrain, #1523 Foruzanfar

I have become the ruin of his ancient treasure,
And become the tale of his timeless cynosure.
Alas, that because of his wine and strong oath
All have confused their desire with his pleasure.

از گنج قدم شدیم ویرانه او
ز افسانه او شدیم افسانه او
آواخ زبیمان و ز پیمانه او
کس خانه خود نداند از خانه او

note: In Persian lore treasure is said to be found in ruins. The last line is a free translation of a somewhat ambiguous line: “he doesn’t know his (the friend’s)
house from his own,” ie he has poor boundaries. Re “wine and strong oath”-
Shams was a difficult personality.






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