Ghazal #40 from Ghazals For The Friend, Bill Gannett

The Awakener of Eternal Spring is here;
Frozen feeling is flowing- we have no fear.

We have longed for the return of your bright light;
We cry out for that day the heart receives your sight.

Our blindness has been an awful longstanding curse;
We are sightseeing from a dark, windowless hearse.

Master, have mercy on our willful infidelity-
O Lord, release us from our serial stupidity!

That we can’t see you is hardly our special blame:
Life is all darkness unless you ignite your Name.

Meher is light and means the compassionate Sun.
By the Master’s grace, we will see him soon.

Darvish’s heart is a garden of tangled roses,
Fed by the sweet spring of the Beloved’s waters.




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