Surpanakha lusted after Ram’s great virility

Surpanakha lusted after Ram’s great virility,
But was spurned by his devotion to Sita’s purity.

She incited her brother to abduct Ram’s lovely bride,
Because of her lust, great vanity and wounded pride.

Ravana assumed the form of a sweet innocent deer,
Luring Sita away from Lakshmana’s vigilant care.

She was carried away in the evil lord’s chariot
To Lanka, where she wept and wept in bitter regret.

Hanuman flew to find her in the Ashoka garden,
Giving her Lord Ram’s ring to dispel her confusion.

The Sun King killed the dark lord with his bright arrow,
And relieved frightened Sita of her terrible sorrow.

Lord Ram had told Surpanakha who started this great war
One distant day they would share deep love, but not before.

Upasni Maharaj, the matchless Rishi of our time
Says they took birth as Victoria and Albert, the divine.

Darvish loves this story of the Lord’s eternal return,
Because he will never at last the sincere lover spurn.






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  1. ralph brown says:

    Sweet poem, thanks. Check out Prince Albert on Wikipedia, he was an exceptional dude.

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