Top Ten Reasons To Fire Bhau Kalchuri as Chairman…(subject to revision)

1. Promulgator of the “Kalchuri Dynasty” fantasy on the holiest day of the Baba calendar, Amartithi- 31st January, on Meherabad Hill, babbling to an audience of tens of thousands priceless self-serving trash about imaginary self-importance.

2. Serial lying about the state of Trust finances- the Trust has many millions of dollars invested in interest bearing accounts, alleging that the Trust can not even pay its own employees, and promoting the fantastic proposition that donors to the Trust will be saved from the coming destruction of the world.

3. Repeated abusive fundraising efforts that shame donors into giving to the Trust, ie having a hapless sidekick dress up as a sadhu with begging bowl asking pilgrims to the Samadhi for rupees. (I am not joking!)

4. Interminable boring motormouth. Bhau has boasted of addressing a standing audience in Andhra, in the rain, for eight hours- as his “personal best”.

5. Has incorrectly predicted his death, not once- but twice, to coincide with his “abandonment” on March 15, when the pilgrim season (to Avatar Meher Baba’s Samadhi) comes to an end. Suffers generally from an abandonment complex, as when he was admitted into Mariposa hospital for medical tests but, when his coterie of “Mothers” was not allowed to be present, complained of his “crucifixion”.

6. President of the Jai Ho Club, a parallel universe of weird Baba lovers who exhibit sycophantic behavior, like dressing up for media events showcasing Bhau in sartorial bliss, babble Jai Ho, wear three rings representing the Hindu Trinity which Bhau taps while intoning their names (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), and who regard him as an exalted being. (Evidently, the more demented Bhau gets, the more cute he gets and the more delighted his Hoes get. And the more bedeviled the Trustees get!)

7. Deleted, 7/10/2017, for insufficient evidence. A ton of innuendo is not enough. My apologies to MK and family.

8. Lying, over years, presumably to get attention (hey Bhau, what else is new?), about Meher Baba having broken his Silence of 44 years, to recently admit in the lamest possible terms, that he didn’t really mean it.

9. The most singular instance of a rogue Mandali in the advent of Avatar Meher Baba.

10. The pen has broken, and the paper burst into fire.







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2 Responses to Top Ten Reasons To Fire Bhau Kalchuri as Chairman…(subject to revision)

  1. Claude says:

    Wow, Bhau,
    & kese? (how?)
    Did all this row
    Advance to now?

    Once I would bow,
    But not to Bhau-
    It was not my vow,
    Or holy cow.

    So- Jao! & Jai, some other Tao,
    Some other prow
    Which pushes on my brow,
    Without any frau.

    Who would allow
    Such a Mao
    To (OW!)
    Kowtow to a sow,

    Or a dhow
    With red sails, eeeyow!
    Take Chicken Kung pao
    & endow such chow-

    Wow, Bhau!
    & How!
    Such a row-
    Now hear this plow!

  2. Rachael says:

    vote with your feet peeps – there is no absolute reason to attend the Fakermath events.

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