Ghazal #124 from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

The dawn breeze kicks up the dust in lover’s lane;
My gritty speech praises the Rend’s lonely pain.

I reach for the bottle rolling across the floor-
My arm can reach so far, and then no more.

Where is the Friend with long black curly hair,
To fill my glass with glances that end all despair?

The Sun of mercy has left us sobbing for his face-
His shadow blinds with blackness in lieu of grace.

We can’t see you with stone eyes sunken in sockets;
The days bless with pity, and infinite regrets.

What light we have escapes from a broken heart,
That guides us to believe in our hopeless art.

Darvish’s song bites with grit but still inspires:
One day, he will see by the light of love’s desire.




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