Ghazal #102 from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

This land will heal because of the Master’s and Mehera’s blood
Blessing our earth. From splattered grace springs a sacred flood.

The violent shadow of America blossomed as a bloodied rose,
And was offered as a tribute to genocide and enslaved Negroes.

The cult of the machine demanded the loveliest sacrifice,
And the energy of our greed exacted the cruelest price.

God-Man’s body and his greatest love were smashed by the car;
The lust and anger of our greed will be redeemed by the Avatar.

This land will be convulsed by the pain of our cruel ignorance,
That will one day be healed by the lover and Beloved’s innocence.

Lord and Master, forgive us for we know not what will happen:
We had no idea that progress would result in such terrible sin.

Everywhere the earth is crying for the Eternal Beloved’s pain,
But the pride of man will not yet be humbled for mercy’s gain.

Darvish walks the earth and his feet feel the miraculous cry
Of the insentient for the wounded Beloved who never dies.






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