Ghazal #91 from Ghazals For The Friend, by Bill Gannett

The mast is full without meat and drinks tea all day long;
His precocious speech is precious and sublime song.

The man of God is drunk without drink, and is attracted
To brothels where he can be without being distracted.

The man of God is a woman whose radiant beauty,
Charms the God-Man with stunning and brilliant poetry.

This lover whose longing has so overcome his reticence,
Approaches the Beloved in all his pure nakedness.

The world’s greatest pleasure does not compare with the bliss,
The man of God finds in just one of his heavenly kisses!

The majzoob is a king whose throne lies in a gutter;
He issues his royal commands with a divine mutter.

Darvish has heard that the Eternal Beloved himself,
Has no greater joy than to shower the mast with wealth.





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