About Nosh Anzar’s Recently Advertised, “The Beloved’s Day of Prayer”

Beloved Archives, aka Nosh Anzar, has recently advertised an occasion  for Beloved Archives to pray to Meher Baba on behalf of prayer requests. This event is referred to as “The Beloved’s Day of Prayer”.

A request to “please contribute to Beloved Archives”, with a big fat “Donate” button, also graces the advertisement.

Anzar appears to have a big fat head about all this. This “Day of Prayer” has nothing to do with Meher Baba. Baba expressly disavowed any and all such attempts to approach him in such a manner. And for a Baba lover to ask for money in promoting such rogue behavior is quite astonishing!

What has happened to Nosh Anzar?

My best guess is that Anzar is besotted by the artifacts and relics that he has amassed at what he calls “The House of the Beloved”, and that all this stockpiled baraka makes him feel very special indeed.

Let it be remembered that Anzar is a notorious “raider of relics“: he took artifacts and relics belonging to UK Baba Lovers from behind their backs, and then paraded this fact as some kind of glorious triumph for Beloved Archives. And all this in defiance of Mehera’s express wish. Vomit.

This man cannot be trusted.







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4 Responses to About Nosh Anzar’s Recently Advertised, “The Beloved’s Day of Prayer”

  1. Anson says:

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    Harrison Ford later commented you’d have to be a complete idiot to wear a leather jacket in the jungle

  2. JIY says:

    ‘Hustler’ is one of the identifiable personality types. Perhaps we all have to do one or more life times as a bit of a hustler. Maybe from a moral standpoint ‘hustler’ is not looking so good. Maybe I don’t want to be around hustlers and I don’t want them in my face. But all those hustlers see it differently. And how does God see it? I don’t know.

  3. Ben Leet says:

    Q. Without money, how is propaganda possible?

    Baba: It is without money only that Baba’s real work can be done. Why propaganda? The word makes me look down. What will you tell people? Suppose you have a lot of money, how will you propagate my mission? My work ages ago was done without money, absolutely. As soon as the money question appeared, Judas sold me.

    I will now make my points clear. I know KDRM are not dishonest. K is very cautious about money, I know that. D has some money. R has no money, M the same. So it is natural that they think that for Baba’s work they must have money. But to depend upon money for Baba’s work, and to extract money from others for Baba’s work, is absolute dishonesty from my point of view.

    Now I will tell you about money and what I think about it. From the day I kept silence, I even stopped writing, I even stopped touching money. But from that day till today, you have no idea how much money flowed past through my hands. Yet I have not a pie (small coin) with me. I am a fakir, but money passes by me, it comes and goes. But if you depend upon money for my work, then do not work for me, because how will you get money? Let us be very practical.

    Glimpses of the God-Man, by Bal Natu, pages 112 to 123

    found at this web page:

  4. bill gannett says:

    Ben, this is excellent! Baba was and is a sublime iconoclast! Let sentimental enthusiasts blah, blah, blah!

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