Ghazal #78 from Ghazals For The Friend

The Eternal Living Ancient One is your best Friend;
He is the one on whom life after life you can depend.

He is more loyal to you than your own faithful shadow,
Who never fails to deny you in the twilight of crows.

It is his brightness that gives the Sun such royal lustre,
Which light is but a gross brilliance and dull impostor.

We thirst for the truth because it is also supreme bliss;
Anything less is both a foul lie and treacherous kiss.

But how can the humanity of his charm be described?
His human qualities cannot be so easily transcribed.

It is not that he is only glorious and fantastic,
But that he is simply and naturally authentic.

When Darvish walks in silent companionship,
He finds the Friend beside him sharing his friendship.




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