Ghazal #69, from Ghazals For The Friend

Hafez means the preserver of the very Word of God;
For him, this was not the Koran, but truth’s very bod.

His vocation was the ghazal- a personal confession:
The Beloved’s long curly hair was his constant obsession.

For God to be bloody real, he has to be flesh and blood;
All other definitions can not ever be understood.

The religious prefer to flirt with a bloodless abstraction:
What the Lord said, gives the dogmatic enormous traction.

The passionate lover longs for genuine intimacy;
To undress a hidebound book is cerebral lunacy!

Hafez’s other name means Revealer of the Hidden;
For the preacher, the twists of love’s curls are forbidden.

Darvish wonders what in the history of sacred speech,
Can compare with what the Divan-e-Hafez has to teach?




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