I drink and drink and lift my ruby glass

I drink and drink, and lift my ruby glass;
How, O how can I forget her- promise?

Smash the mirror, O smash the mirror, now;
What else to do when she finds me- remiss?

And what to say, yes, what to say, my love:
You always were, and will be my- coy lass.

Yes you are, O yes you are, most pretty;
No one, Yes- no one, can your lips- surpass!

But why, yes why, my love, why look askance;
How long my love, how long before- a kiss?

Go on, and on and on- leave me behind;
Your vanity, I know, is about- distance.

Listen to Darvish, how he drains his glass,
And sings about the misery of- absence.







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