Ghazal #359 Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

We have not come to this door for position and rank;
we came here for protection from the curse of fate.

Wayfarers of the stations of love, from utter Nothing
we have come all the way to the realm of Being.

From the green of Heaven, we saw your youthful face
and came to search and find the herb of light and grace.

For all the treasure Gabriel had amassed for us,
like beggars we came to the door of the King’s palace.

O boat of grace, where is your anchor of clemency,
for we are drowned in sin within this sea of mercy?

O cloud of kindness, rain upon our withering honor;
in the Book of Deeds, our black name is without favor.

Hafez, throw off your cloak of wool, for the journey
of this caravan has made your ardent cries fiery.





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