Ghazal #264 Divan-e-Hafez, Khanlari

Beloved, who said to you “don’t ask about our state-
become a stranger, and the story of no-friend relate”?

Because your grace is inclusive and nature generous,
forgive our latent sin, and ignore all the sordid facts.

Do you wish that the secrets of love’s pain be known?
Ask the candle how it burns- not the breeze at dawn.

That one who told you not to enquire of the dervish,
has no idea of the world in which he does languish.

Don’t look for the coin of truth from monk clad in wool;
that is, don’t ask about alchemy from any indigent fool.

In the wise doctor’s handbook, there is no entry on love;
O heart, fall in love with pain and give remedy a shove.

We have not read the story of Iskandar and Dara:
do not ask us about aught save love’s holy bravura!

Hafez, the time of the Rose has arrived. Wisdom is passé:
search for the gold of now and throw why and what away!






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