Big Fist and the gods of doublethink command our praise

Big fist and the gods of doublethink command our praise;
we have become devoted to waving the flag all our days.

The corporation now wears a crown as a religious right,
with the grasping public gasping with spiritual malaise.

How did we come to live upside down in a garbage can;
how come to cherish trash as treasure in such a daze?

Shock and Awe has so concussed us with patriotism,
we drool our anthem in the smoky brain’s dull haze.

Long live the divine king of blind and naked aggression;
long live the royal greed of Democracy’s cannon blaze!

Darvish, as the fireworks of misbegotten zeal explode,
the Silence of love prepares to break and bless our ways.

Yes, the wrath of God Man’s Silence will soon break the spell
of the noise of doublethink, and mend and bless our ways.














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