Wikidpedia: an encyclopedia of Babadumb. The Mothers

The Mothers were elect members of the Jai Ho Club. They were those most responsible for the welfare of Chairman Bao. They attended to his more private needs. The exact number of Mothers involved in ministering to the Chairman is veiled by the curtain of domestic privacy. (They are disambiguated from the Queens, who deserve a separate entry.) The Mothers are perhaps the most important clue to the Chairman’s assumed role as “an innocent”: they allowed him to fully dramatize his guilelessness. The Chairman’s putative crucifixion was the fear of separation from the Mothers. Key Mothers held enormous power and were major political players in the Jai Ho Club.




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  1. Ron G says:

    Did you employ spies in order to collect this information, or are you using your imagination?

    • bill gannett says:

      Hi Ron;

      I just noticed I never answered your good question. My imagination is full of espionage, if that is what you mean. I am also a keen observer of the ridiculous, as I like to laugh.

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