World Wide Baba Alert For Dr. Vomit Ghoul-Gaur

All sincere lovers of God are advised to avoid, at all cost, the Prince of Vomit, Dr. Ghoul-Gaur. This Indian national, residing in Shivpuri, travels widely both within India and abroad. He is notorious for hypnotizing the gullible with his bad taste, foul breath and predilection for trash-talk disguised with a velveeta tongue.

Here is a likeness of the Prince of Vomit.



It should be noted  Dr. Vomit Ghoul-Gaur goes by a Facebook alias, Cosmo UltimateAlchemist. This provides detailed information.

Alert lovers of God will notice that a key behavior to the spiritually pretentious is to wear white kurtas, dresses, gowns etc, sport pretentious rings, promote silly claims like infallibility, fabricate lineages, spout absurd mantras, steal relics and attract a slavish entourage. Also, false gurus excel at marketing third rate cheesy product as the real thing, for which they want your money!

The immortal Hafez in a ghazal has this to say:

The sufi set a trap and began playing his tricks-
he set a footing of deceit for the sky’s sleight of hand.

But the play of the juggler broke the egg on his hat:
he tried his tricks on those who know the secret.

Come, o saqi, for the beautiful beloved of the sufis
has again returned all adorned and now begins to flirt.

Where is this minstrel from who plays in the mode of Iraq,
but whose melody has returned by the way of Hejaz?

Come, o heart, for we are seeking protection in God,
from that which the short in sleeve but long in arm has done!

Don’t dissimulate- because whoever has been played at love
has had the door of truth shut in the heart’s face!

Tomorrow, when the court of truth presents the evidence,
that traveler will be shamed whose actions were profane.

O partridge with the strutting gait- where are you going, stop:
don’t be deceived that the pious one’s cat has prayed!

Hafez, don’t blame the rend, because since the very beginning
God has created us with no need for pious hypocrisy!

notes: minstrel…by way of Hejaz= “who is the one parading
the fact of having returned from the hajj”?





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3 Responses to World Wide Baba Alert For Dr. Vomit Ghoul-Gaur

  1. clive adams says:

    This is one of the most tasteless posts I have ever seen, but I enjoyed every moment of it! Keep up the good work and look forward to more tasteless posts…Thanks for correcting my pronunciation of Hafiz’s name by spelling in the phonetical (Hafez). I realize I have always mispronounced his name till now. The Saitan (Mischievous) principle seems to be in full flower at this moment in the Avatar’s humiliation/manifestation.

  2. JIY says:

    It is important to see the good in others and in the case of the good Doctor ‘good’ is like a fountain He provides cocacola for the poets, the satirists, the cartoonists and discriminators everywhere. Not many can do that. He is really good and funny too.

  3. bill gannett says:

    Exactly! Pure Velveeta!

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