Nickel and Dime Baba video…

Irwin Luck of Myrtle Beach, SC is now offering a Nickel-and-Dime video streaming service of Baba video!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.19.20 PM


Evidently, one can rent Baba video on a 24 hour or monthly basis, for nickels and dimes! My problem is that my unshakeable faith in Baba lovers has long since crumbled into apostasy. Is this what archiving in the Baba community has come to? And my interest in supporting Baba lovers who steal relics as if they were some kind of trophy and who pedal archival material (for nickels and dimes) that was originally done with the help of many in a spirit of earnest sincerity, has long since wavered.

Why is it that ambition is so often so utterly cheap? No, Irwin, I’m not there with you- not at all!




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  1. Kevin says:

    me neither

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