Wikidpedia: an encyclopedia of Babadumb. Guaranteed sanctity.

There is no more laughable doctrine than guaranteed sanctity. Yet this is the position of Sufism re-Reoriented of Walmart Creek. Il Duce was so enamored  of bureaucratic longevity, she sought to make the God-man promise a dynasty of saints that would last seven hundred years; spiritual fascism never gets better than this! Such is the pretension and ignorance of the frustrated but ever so ambitious wannabe.

Dynastic succession is perilous at best; what can one say about a lineage of saints? Nothing, nothing at all!  The spirit blows where (and when) it wills. You can’t buy such a lineage, even with the best credit! There is in fact no credit that can bank on this, and there is no amount of whining that can effect this. The best, the absolute best, one can do is remain utterly honest in pursuing the wish and will of the Master. And this means one must eschew the magician, the hypnotist, the one who compensates fatuously, for the search for His feet.




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