An Open Letter to AMBPPCT re the “Memorial Spike” (4/20/2008)

An Open Letter to the Chairman and Board of Trustees of AMBPPCT;

About two years ago I had occasion to write the Trust on the subject of the MPR and the poor planning process represented in that building project. I made the observation that the Trust has a primary role in assuring that an architectural proposal is fully reviewed before being approved. My letter implied that the issue is not simply an occasion for the Chairman to approve a project but for the entire Board of Trustees to actively engage in the design and approval process so as to ensure the best possible outcome. I made the suggestion that the Board appoint a committee qualified to review such matters if the Board itself lacks the sufficient time or expertise to confidently do so.

Now I wish to make additional remarks about the same subject of Trust sponsored architectural work. I have recently learned that the Trust has approved plans for the Memorial Tower which Baba mandated. I find it unfortunate that the Trust would approve such plans without inviting wider participation in the design and selection process.

Why is there such a distrust of the creative possibilities in our own community? Have we become contemptuous of our own resources? Why would the Trust not invite proposals for the development of Meherabad, including architectural monuments such as the Memorial Tower, to be reviewed and debated by the appropriate committee or forum? Why should such important decisions be resolved peremptorily?


Sincerely, Bill Gannett                    04/20/2008












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