Now is the time of the Prophet of Light’s return

Now is the time of the Prophet of Light’s return;
Zarathustra will bring this Age of Iron to an end.

Rama, prince of virtue crowned as the Solar King
will again slay the dark rapacious lord and fiend.

Now is the dawn of Prince Siddhartha on this earth,
whose blissful smile inspires the soul to shine within.

The avenger of tyranny’s rule is now the Christ
whose brightness routs the black legacy of sin.

The Prophet, heart cut out and washed in snow,
sings again his praise of Allah as the loving Friend.

Yes, all the Prophets have returned to bless our age
in the person of Meher, the compassionate Sun.

O Darvish, the Sun that rises in our hearts will shine
for seven hundred years until he takes birth again.









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