“Ghazals For The Friend” wins Amazon Best Poetry Book of 2014 Award!

“Ghazals For The Friend” wins Amazon Best Poetry Book of 2014 Award!!!!!!



Update, 11/22/2014: This astonishing news may be either a hoax or a fantastic mistake. Jeff Bezos won’t answer my repeated phone calls. Stay tuned.

Update, 12/1/2014: I wasn’t invited to Jeff Bezos’ secret and exclusive literary convocation- all expenses paid, and I believe this is the bitter truth: my award was nothing but a hoax! This is so mean, unspeakably mean. And I was so hopeful that Ghazals For The Friend, the third best collection of ghazals composed in the English language, would rise from its present best selling Amazon ranking of 2,226,511 at least a few digits.





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2 Responses to “Ghazals For The Friend” wins Amazon Best Poetry Book of 2014 Award!

  1. Ben Leet says:

    Oh Darvish, how humility bespeaks every melody in your durbar?
    In your palace there is no quarter for the quarter-brained.
    May the Amazon woman hide away, fearing your jungle heart,
    And eat the leaves of Darvish, may she forage no other tree bark,
    Five thousand morning stars will dart the splendor of your reviews
    And as for level-headed whipper-snaps who seek to crush the snake?
    In 2015 the Amazon river will have a crocodile smile for them as reward.
    May the jungle snakes drop at once on my head and swim to the Ocean.
    And Darvish, what can we say, may he write till his quills all break.
    May the ink sea dry to a hard crust, may the firmament unfurl another universe
    That Darvish may grace it with his joy and heartache and his insufferable pride.

  2. bill gannett says:

    This is a great poem which I only just noticed in my mailbox. It reminds me of a recent dream I had of Quetzalcoatl who reassured me I will indeed be a very famous ghazal poet in the Amazon and all its tributaries.

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