New Sufi Sanctuary Looks Like Marble Clad Petrol Tanks



The new Sufism Reoriented Sanctuary in Walnut Creek bears a curious resemblance to marble clad petrol tanks. This 40 million dollar complex of largely buried sacred space- 66,000 square feet, is about the size of one of the largest residential spaces in the US- Bill Gates’ house in Washington, and larger than the White House at 56,000 square feet. This complex is seven stories deep, and filled with explosive spiritual power. The interior of the largest “tank” is a marble pillared rotunda sketches of which suggest a likeness of Washington D.C. imperial architecture, where Sufism Reoriented has a branch office.

The complex will have 43 bathrooms to accommodate a collective rush on the facilities for the 400 person capacity building. This is more than 1 bathroom for every 10 members and if rumors have it right, each bathroom has 10 toilets that make it literally possible for the entire congregation to crap together.

Long past are the days of the humble sufi khanegah (meeting place). As for the kharabat- the place of ruin where lovers rejoice, please peruse your illustrated Divan-e-Hafez.


Update 2-27-2015:

It has been suggested that the “petrol domes” could be vastly improved by retaining the world-class artist Will David to decorate them. Perhaps this could be a collaborative effort involving the equally talented Leroy Parker and Max Reif.

Update 4-10-2015:

A witty satirist has suggested that this sanctuary is in fact a necropolis dedicated to the living lie of pretension: i.e., that there is no better monument to the Christ than a vat of formaldehyde.




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