Meher means the Sun who is the eternal Friend

Meher means the Sun who is the eternal Friend:
he is pure radiance whom mercy and grace attend.

The recurring advent of the glorious Avatar
dawns again and again as beauty’s rising star.

Now is the spilling Rose fragrant in the sky,
shedding its petals to bless the¬†lover’s sigh.

O new day bright with promise of divine light;
we long to pass away in your infinite sight!

But alas, we can’t see you, not with eyes of stone;
we have so much for which we must first atone.

The magic of your name will imbue stone with eyes,
and release in the heart the praise that never dies.

Darvish sings his song of Meher with each breath,
and longs for the praise that blesses him with death.















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