Odin of blue-grey cloak trades one eye for drink

Odin of blue-grey cloak trades one eye for drink,
and his One eye shines like the Sun, never to blink.

He travels all the nine worlds like his own backyard:
two ravens, thought and memory, are his vanguard.

On the World Tree Yggdrasil Odin hangs himself,
to gain knowledge, the power of Runes and true wealth.

In the beginning, when fire froze and ice was aflame
Odin cut out his eye to drink the wine of lasting fame.

The two wolves, Geri and Freki are his companions
until the end of time when Fenrir proves the champion.

O long bearded god wielding the spear Gungnir,
you drank your fill from the depths of the well Mumir!

Darvish is a Viking raider in an elegant longboat
searching the seas for Odin in his blue-grey cloak.











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