A Petition To The World Wide Meher Baba Community

Why is the AMBPPCT (Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust) so reluctant to account for the Meherabad real estate holdings of  Trustees and past and present residents serving the Trust? Why is this not a matter of the public record in conformity with the required transparency and accountability befitting a Public Trust? Why should donors to the Trust and the public in general not be fully apprised by the AMBPPCT of who owns what land  and how they came to own that land? The public deserves to be informed as to the Trust policy on potential conflict of interest represented by land speculation by Trustees and those who serve and have served the Trust. Surely our Lord and Master, Avatar Meher Baba, would want such a policy.




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  1. A few years ago the members of the AMBPPCT asked Baba lovers who were concerned with the transparency of the Trust to please come forward and give them factual stories. According to the Trust they had heard many ‘rumors’ about threats, land deals, money being siphoned off from the Trust account for private use for Trustee’s and their families, etc. etc. They then asked people to come forward and ‘tell’ their stories factually to the Trustees, so that the Trust could look into them on a practical basis.
    I was one of the people who came forward and gave a written, and verbal account of my ‘history’ with various members of the Trust. I also encouraged other Baba Lovers, who had incriminating stories to come forward. MANY OF THEM SAID “NO”. Why…? Because they were scared! They felt like they could be physically harmed if they went back to India after coming forward with their testimonies. I have been approached by a Meherabad resident who told me of being threatened by one of the Trustees if the resident didn’t keep quiet about some deadly violence that had occurred
    at Meherabad.
    My story involves asking a particular resident to look into a bunch of lies being spread by one of the Trusties involving Pumpkin House Orphanage. After completing his investigation, which included confronting the Trustee, the resident phoned me and told me that he was blown away by what he had discovered and felt compelled to look deeper than just the attacks on the orphanage. He would call me from India and keep me up to date on how he was progressing (he was fluent in the local Indian languages…both verbally and reading and writing). Eventually he told me that he had accumulated enough information that this Trustee would never, could never , be elected to the Chair of the AMBPPCT board if this information was to be made public. He informed me that the information was now documented and would be given to a certain Trustee to be used at his discretion.

    Then I never heard from him again.

    The Trustee, to whom the evidence was to be delivered, says that he did not receive it, and therefore does not know what was in it.

    While in India this spring, I asked the Chairman of the board if the Board had investigated any of the stories that they had asked for. I asked him what conclusions they had arrived at….. if they had taken any action concerning what they had heard…….and if so what were the results.

    “Oh ….that is all in the past now, ” he said with a wave of his hand. “All in the past.”

  2. bill gannett says:

    The sword of Damocles hangs by a hair over the dear neck of the Trust, even if the Chairman would wave it away with his hand.

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