How the dawn’s light releases the sweet rose

How the dawn’s light releases the sweet rose;
O how my heart recalls what love she bestows.

But now, O now I am adrift on pounding wave;
what I once held in my arms has become a rave.

The girl, my love, with her long and scented hair
regards me not with even a cold, heartless stare.

Those were the days, the days of bough and vine
and the book of her lips declaiming divine wine.

Now I chew the cud of the ruminant, reason,
and delight in the vomit of the mind’s treason.

Who can say what represents love’s just reward?
I saw a dead man walking singing the Word.

O Darvish, how you sing a song that few enjoy;
O Darvish, how your song despairs of finding joy!










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One Response to How the dawn’s light releases the sweet rose

  1. Claude (Outis) Palmer says:

    your approval rating has risen;
    by risk you have ascended.
    the price of freedom has gone up-
    & the true slave upended.
    For when his Master goes under the hill,
    he must depend on his own will.
    & Since this has been non-existent,
    he will cry to fly Where his Master went!

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