Thoughts of a Baba lover on sufi and spiritual healing

Followers (lovers) of Avatar Meher Baba have the incalculable spiritual blessing of having established a connection with the Highest of the High. The Avatar is the same as the Buddha, the Christ, the Prophet and the innumerable incarnations of God that have taken birth and which will forever continue to take birth as the primary expression of Divine Mercy. The now-Avatar is Meher Baba.

Meher Baba has repeatedly explained that there is no comparison to the mercy and compassion of the God-Man. The saints and even the Perfect Masters cannot compare to the glory and function of the Avatar (whose most recent advent supplants the spiritual authority of all previous Avatars).

Why would Baba lovers think that there is some advantage to augmenting their relationship with the God-Man by becoming students of a sufi healing tradition? And more to the point, why would Baba lovers think that this would be pleasing to the Lord and Master when he has expressly forbidden such dilettantism?

Baba has repeatedly emphasized the necessity of “holding fast to his damaan” and not becoming enamored of the flickering and alluring lights of real or imaginary saints or Masters (and their teachings). He emphatically and unambiguously enjoined his lovers to remain completely loyal to his Presence which will fully endure for a hundred and more years after his dropping the body (which occurred in 1969).

Evidently, there are Baba lovers who think that they are missing out on special and important spiritual teachings not provided by the Master himself. This is a regrettable error: the Master is the Awakener whose love and mercy includes and surpasses all teachings.







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3 Responses to Thoughts of a Baba lover on sufi and spiritual healing

  1. Claude Palmer says:

    As far as I’m concerned, that would depend on the “Sufi Healing Tradition” being practiced, and the angle at which one is immersed in it. It’s one thing to seek skills or tools, another thing to repudiate the very initiation & relationship which has given us so much guidance.
    To claim Baba’s blessing is not always a legitimate rationale!
    Yet, many have offered valuable lessons & wisdom. We do not bow to them as to the Avatar. There are manners & levels of value, not all equal.

    • bill gannett says:

      Baba’s healing tradition is the healing power of love for God through the remembrance of God, and by accepting one’s karma as the inevitable and inexorable expression of divine law.

      Baba also encouraged medical healing traditions in general. He did not encourage and in fact discouraged his followers from pursuing healing traditions based on occult intervention, even on the part of genuine saints.

      Baba lovers sometimes underestimate what is implied as a practice in the constant remembrance of the Master.

  2. One evening I was in a car with Goher and two other Baba lovers. We were taking Goher to a hospital in Ahmadnagar to get her foot x-rayed…(there was the possibility of a broken bone.)
    As we were driving down the road Goher, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I had ever done Rekie (?). I told her that I had heard of it and that I knew people in the west who practiced it, but I had never been interested in it or had a need to use it. She replied..”Good.”
    She then went on to explain that ‘Rekie’ actually used subtle energy to heal people….BUT…the people who were practiced the the discipline were NOT on the subtle planes. This was where the danger lay. She advised me to stay away from ‘Rekie’, as it was potentially very harmful.

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