The utter exhaustion of the metaphor “jihad”…

The Prophet defined jihad as preeminently the struggle against the “nafs”- the ego; it is only secondarily (but importantly) a reference to the struggle of  the early Muslim community to secure itself against militant opposition.

Now, 1,400 years after the Prophet’s advent, jihad is a term that justifies mass murder as an act of political revenge; the metaphor of jihad is utterly exhausted. The perpetrators of such mindless carnage are only matched by self righteous Christians and Jews who disguise their analogous violence in high-minded corporate colonialism.

We are now witnessing the United States as the primary exponent of corporate colonialism pledging its vast economic and military resources to the subjugation of an exhausted metaphor of despair.  This conflict is really about the utter hypocrisy of political posturing on the part of the “Great Satan”, and the demonic inversion of Prophetic veracity.

What should be remarked is that Islamist jihadism has much, much less currency in the Middle East and among Muslims than corporate and State based jihadism- think “Shock and Awe”, has currency in the US and among Christians and Jews. Think about that.

This conflict is a dogs’ breakfast of vicious insincerity.





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