My chasmic mind…

I took a moment to look inside my chasmic mind, and I found this thought: why is it so extraordinarily difficult to fathom the fact that Nature always sets the limits? Never has man so willfully ignored common sense as the clever modern. We are so pathetically abstracted from the basic facts of life, booking a berth on the Titanic seems like a good idea. We have created a remarkably insane world.

We fervently espouse both rationalism (we are so reasonable!) and religiosity (we are so devout!), yet deny science and spirituality in the same breath. The planet is going bonkers with an out-of-control metabolism- running a fever that will burst the thermometer, yet somehow the doctor- or even God, will fix it. Fat chance. No MD magic or altar can cure the runaway fire of our willfulness. Shitting in your pants, basically, has no remedy, except to stop shitting in your pants. But the search for the magic diaper and prayer continues; the diaper and prayer that captures and annuls the extraordinary filth of our exalted babbling and preserves our integrity.

We have no integrity. We are lying. Lying has become such a cherished national pastime that fully half of America should be institutionalized. This, perhaps, would revive our economy. And the stunning revenue from the amped up sedative bill would be an electric cattle prod to our hamletic torpor. It might just work.




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One Response to My chasmic mind…

  1. claude says:

    you are sinical. cynical is easy.
    Icicle is cold. but you trace the pathological doctrine of “wetiko.”
    this is a deep & disturbing journey,
    and you are not hiding from the work of seeing & changing, finding truth.

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