Gun Control and Arms Control are Siamese Twins

How often does one hear in the discussion of gun control reference to the Siamese twin, arms control?

The US does not only make and sell guns galore here in America, but makes and sells abroad guns, bombs, bullets, tanks, planes, drones, missiles, poison gas (did you know that the US sold poison gas to Iraq to counter Iran in the Iraq/ Iran war, only later to claim that Iraq should suffer “Shock and Awe” because of WMD’s ?) and so much more in the fantastic business of weapon sales, military bases, arms training, secret police interrogation methods, torture accessories, black sites (clandestine detention centers) and even nuclear secrets to our best buddies, like that great democratic nation of the Middle East, the indefatigable promoter of Zionist Apartheid, Israel, and that other great friend who supported the 911 hijackers, Saudi Arabia.

The problem with Siamese twins is that separating the two conjoined bodies is perilous if not impossible. They can’t live without each other; if one perishes, so does the other.

So, I’d be careful about raging against the endless massacres resulting from unregulated arm sales here in America. All the tender concern for domestic violence, systemic racism and institutionalized violence, etc. might just result in great harm to the other twin.

We wouldn’t want anyone to die, would we?




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