The Transvaluation of American Political Life

What I find fascinating is the transvaluation of American political and social values. There is a huge shift going on that is much more than the rise of a Republican demagogue.

America is cracking apart, and perhaps this is a good thing. Maybe the country is evolving through an accelerating and exceptional crisis? Isn’t that an hysterical thought? After all, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Right?

The Republican Party is imploding with the most astonishing mix of confusion, outrage, bluster, stupidity and God knows what. It’s like a mean, cruel but telegenic 12 year old decided to handcuff his parents and give them a prolonged enema on TV. What fun!

The Democratic Party has been moving steadily to the right for thirty years, and maybe this is what has so unnerved the GOP. They have been displaced by the spectacular success of the great neoliberal leadership provided by Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama in fulfilling the aspirations of Ronald Reagan and the Bushies. This has been hard to take.

America has never been so corporatized, outsourced, traumatized, patriotic, militarized and paranoid! It doesn’t get any better than this, but where does that leave the conservatives?

Now comes Bernie, the radicalized Socialist Democrat who no one can take seriously, even Jews, because he is basically a kvetch and a throwback to ridiculous European times. Except for the youth vote and those young in heart, thank God, who are relatively un-brainwashed by corporate media.

But Hillary looks good, very good. She is a woman with a will to power that puts most men to shame. Obama thinks she is the most qualified presidential candidate ever! No shit. She is about to crack through the glass ceiling with a rocket velocity. The only problem is that she’s a lousy feminist. Her political values are pure machismo. Win, whatever it takes! But she rises at 3 am, every day, ready to answer the ringing phone and press the button. She is qualified.

There you have it, in shorthand. It’s like a political migration of lemmings, with the Republicans the first to fall off the cliff, and the Democrats not so far behind. But the Greens are patient; they are in no hurry to race over the edge. Grass will inherit the earth.




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