Why You Must Vote For Hillary

The Democrats have moved into the vacuum left by the atomized Republicans. Hillary is the new socially liberal but otherwise conservative standard bearer. She is fully identified with the corporate and military classes. In true Clinton form, she has managed to bridge disparate political worlds as the only viable alternative to the clear and present danger of neofascism.

The commanding meme is that you would have to be out of your mind to not vote for her: her candidacy is that compelling. There is no other choice. In fact, if you dare consider that there is any other choice, well, clearly, you are out of your mind. And deserving of censure and the medical ward.

The blinding need to defeat Trump is so compelling, in fact, that there need not be, and can not be, any discussion of the matter. You are crazy if you don’t vote Hillary. Everyone agrees on this.

Trump would push the nuclear button for sure. But Hillary, she would think about it. She is rational. She has experience. And she is prepared to push the button, if necessary. There is no need to discuss this. Only elites can know when it is right to push the button. And Trump is not an elite. This is why you must vote for Hillary.

The New Republicans are here. They are here to promote and defend the American Way of Life. You have no choice but to vote for Hillary.




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One Response to Why You Must Vote For Hillary

  1. Mark McCammon says:

    Hey Darvish,

    Mark McCammon here from the land Down Under.

    I have to say right away that I love so much of your content. Keep up the good work. Your passion for our beloved shines through.

    Seriously though, why worry about who becomes the next President of the US, I appreciate it’s clearly a concern for you but IMO they are both appalling choices, then again it’s not as though Obama will leave big shoes to fill.

    Remember “the great audacity of hope”. Goodness me I hope his speech writer got well paid for that line.

    Fortunately what calms me is the reminder that Baba is casting his vote.

    Didn’t he spend more time in the states than anywhere apart from India?

    The decision is his mate….. Relax!!

    Jai Baba ; ) !

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