Hot Spots

About the “two party presidential nominee debate” on 10/19/2016:

Fitting that the debate should start with the second amendment- Americans do love their guns! Suggesting that guns should be regulated is like suggesting to men that their pricks be monitored: why should that be the government’s business? Well, I guess as long as guns are an extension of faux masculinity, i.e. rage and impotence, they will be regarded as problematic.

Maybe this also explains why the debate assumed that the Terror Wars could be euphemistically referred to as “hot spots”. The US is having problems with “hot spots”- like practically the entire Middle East. The US has shot missiles at 7 Middle Eastern countries since 911 in an effort to deal with “hot spots”. “Hot spots” must be like the G spot. And these drone missiles are like a masked serial rapist who goes about his fun without ever revealing himself- or getting caught.

Why, I wonder, did the debate not discuss (at all) the fact that last year was the hottest year on record, and this year likewise promises to be the hottest year on record? Why did neither the moderator nor Trump and HRC even mention the “hot spot” that is our planet earth?

Is it because we have been fucked out of our minds?




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