Donald Trump’s Indian Astrological Chart


This is evidently DT’s birth chart. Born June 14th, 1946 in Jamaica, Queens at 10:54am.

He has Leo rising, with the Sun the chart ruler. It is placed in the 10th house conjunct Rahu (the lunar north node). It is also conjunct Uranus. Importantly, he was born under a full Moon and thus has the Moon conjunct Ketu, (the lunar south node), in the 4th house. This alone creates an extremely powerful and public destiny.

Mars, the “power planet” for Leo ascendant, is conjunct the ascendant, conferring extreme martial combativeness and astonishing success. It rules the 4th and 9th houses, implying in this case that the world is his oyster: the 4th house is the home and the 9th is the world.

But wait: Jupiter, the planet of luck by nature, and in the case of DT’s chart, by rulership of the 5th house, the house of politics and kingship, is in the 2nd house of wealth and trines the Sun in the 10th, conferring unbelievable karmic destiny.

The Sun conjunct Rahu in the 10th house confers tremendous and insatiable desire. The 10th is public destiny. Rahu is the “planet” of desire. Uncontrollable desire. Mars in the Ascendant strengthens the Moon in the 4th by aspect and also confers ravenous desire and energy, as the Moon represents the mind. The Moon in the 4th creates a powerful attachment to home. He will live in a castle from which he will seek to rule the world.

But the Moon, despite being a full Moon and extremely powerful, is conjunct Ketu- the “planet” of interiority, and weirdness. It also rules insanity. The powerful aspect from Mars intensifies the weirdness of Ketu, and renders it malign- and even malignant. The Moon receives aspects from all three of the fiery planets: the Sun, Mars and Ketu, and is in Scorpio, the sign of its fall, rendering his emotional nature as a direct result of his parenting, monstrous. Mars “disposits” the Moon- conveys its extreme debility to the ascendant, where its powerful malignancy becomes irrepressible.

The mother is not well represented. The Moon represents the mother, as does the 4th house. Both are terribly afflicted, as described above.

But women in general, and wives in particular, are very poorly represented. The 7th house rules the spouse which is signified by Saturn. Saturn is conjunct Venus in the 12th house, in the sign Cancer. Saturn represents hardship to begin with, and the 12th house is a house of suffering. Venus is the planet of conjugal love and beauty, and all that is refined in life; it is completely devastated, extremely alienated and suppressed. Saturn also rules the 6th house of enemies which implies that spouses become the bitterest of enemies if other factors conspire. Here, we have not just a conspiracy- but a murderous revenge theme in the making. Things are not what they seem.

Jupiter is in the 2nd house of family and preserves the status quo as long as it’s influence remains dominant.

Luckily, for DT, he has just entered a planetary karmic period dominated by Jupiter which will last for 12 years. He will be protected for this period because of the disposition of Jupiter. It “turned direct” on the day of his birth rendering it extremely powerful and, as mentioned, it trines the Sun which rules the Ascendant (the body).

But Jupiter also rules the 8th house; this is the house of secrets and manipulation. It rules intrigue and death. It is the house of dark arts, if other factors conspire to create  a negative and unstable mind. President elect Trump does not have a stable mind, as already described. He will be capable of tremendous behind the scenes meddling, and much worse.

The “public” in DT’s chart, represented by the Moon and by Saturn, lord of the 6th and 7th, is easily regarded as the enemy: the public will never be trusted, just as DT will never trust women. The public and women will never be anything but passing friends or allies. DT is deeply suspicious of the public and will exert all of his considerable strength and cunning to manipulate it.

His allies will be the police and the military as they are ruled by Mars, his “power planet”, and by corporatists and bankers, ruled by Jupiter. DT is now especially influenced by financial elites, and significant support from them should be forthcoming.

DT is strongly marked by Uranus, the planet of unexpected and sudden outcome. Uranus confers unpredictability- and often instability. Uranus strongly influences both DT’s will and mood. He will often reverse positions in a blink of an eye with great drama and confidence.

DT hates to be contradicted and is capable of tremendous resentment due to his extremely defensive emotional nature. He will always seek to crush his opponents. His great sadness is that fantastic wealth and success will never bring him happiness, and women will betray him.




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4 Responses to Donald Trump’s Indian Astrological Chart

  1. claude says:

    re: allies in police, military, corporatist, bankers, ruling elite, oligarchy etc.-
    if we verticalize this list from beginning to end, the top (police)
    is more instantly allied, but in the descent to oligarchy the actor now becomes or serves the very forces that DT has both “hated” and sworn to destroy for the “working class.”
    of course this rhetoric of his is jive-ass crap, but this leads tomany a danger to America & world at large. if DT is willing to deal and bargain virtually all of his “positions” for his personal “gain,” (or the constraints of reality!) then he becomes the very republican (or democrat) that his followers voted against. he also becomes a victim of these forces because “they,” if at all astute, will see how to “play” him. From Putin to the Kochs to Congress to Israel, he himself will fall to manipulation while he tries to pull all the strings. His Achilles heels are susceptibility to praise, smooth lies such as his own, toughness, and emotional blackmail.
    His psychology is a liability.

  2. Hbj says:

    Does this mean he is a dickhead or that he will make America great again?

    • bill gannett says:

      Trump has a very special destiny to ruin America. Now, this is not really speaking his fault. The stage was set long ago, particularly since Ronald Reagan. Trump gets the credit for driving the bus over the cliff- despite the fact the bus was in motion long before.

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