The black snake winds around the Missouri

The black snake winds around the Missouri
and chokes the Sioux Nation with misery.

Black venom slithers across sacred land,
but water Protectors make a last stand.

Bullets and burning gas- grenades explode;
Big Fist shoots water canon in bitter cold.

Protectors hold fast, covered with red ice:
Love is strong medicine against avarice.

The treaties lie broken like twisted bodies
whose spirits rise in strong and pure cries.

The Big White Chief living in Washington-
has his heart gone black with forked tongue?

Darvish sings to the wind: carry my song
to those to whom truth and courage belong.




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One Response to The black snake winds around the Missouri

  1. This is Etzion from Jerusalem, Israel.
    Two issues I wanted to address: 1. The problem with the Trust, as was placed here for quite sometime. 2. The Sufi issue.
    As per the Trust, I don’t have any personal idea, besides runours and the material placed here, and the letter sent to the Trust a few years ago, which the Trust didn’t actually respond in a manner that will clarify the issue. I am involved with Meher Baba since 1972, when I visited Baba’s room in Israel, which was maintained by His dedicated agent in Israel – Carrie Ben Shammai. Eventually I inherited her Baba Center during 1980, till today. Since 1979 I visited Meherabad often, and of cours I am concerned for its spiritual integrity.
    As per Sufism goes, I have had a few Sufi friends, like Don Stevens and others. Personally I don’t belong to any order. However, during 2002, we visited USA, and I spent more than a month in the Bay Area, visiting Sufi friends and others. Prior to my visit there, I felt inwardly very strongly that Baba wanted to end this dispute over the Sufi issue. Usually, of course, I have no such feelings towards other groups. I was invited to Murshida’s Connor first public speech, if I am not wrong, and there I experienced that the entire place was surcharged by divine effulgence. Inwardly I felt that I should bless her with success. even I must admit, that I have no spiritual clims whatsoever, but I did whatever I felt. Whatever that is, a spiritual group, or Spiritual Circle, must have a focal point, just as a musical band must have, in order to achieve the desired results. I trust the current Murshida acts as a conductor of an orchestra in order to generate the spiritual energy which is needed in order to transform the current material state of humanity towards spiritual lines.

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