Hannibal Lecters

The Hannibal Lecters declined to savage the election of the neofascist Baby Trump. Who is to blame for this rabid indifference?

Democracy’s snarling assassins are legion, and slink everywhere. Who placed Baby Trump on his gold potty to reign as enfant térrible? What media served as his dotting nurse, and who gave him thousand dollar lollypops to suck and toss at will? These are the questions we have to ask.

Baby Trump slung his diaper at 17 republican contenders with such wild abandon that, in the confusion, they ran straight into the flying shit. How did this happen to such patricians? Scion of the great Bush dynasty, Jeb Bush, the former governor of the sinking state of Florida, with the energy and panache of a slug, how did he not even poll at 3%? How was this disaster contrived? We must not rest until the facts illumine us.

Such republican illuminati, the combined voltage of which would not electrocute a fly- how did they come to naught? How did the light flicker out and plunge us into whining despair?

And then came the democrats. Queen Fracking Hillary Kissinger Sachs robed in all her glory! The train of her coronation gown stretched with a polyester smirk from New York to Washington for all to applaud, years before the election! Who was it that ran against her? What was his name? The media blackout was so tremendous, and Hillary’s fossil fuel halo so blindingly greasy, no one can remember. The $50,000 plate celebrity dinners were so dazzling, who cares? A nobody, a laughable nobody! A Jew from Brooklyn. What a joke!

Bernie, the only electable democratic candidate. And the only democratic candidate with a vision for a just America. The only candidate that would have thrashed the orangutan Trump. But dumped in a back alley by MSM, marginalized by the DNC, while the orangutan was feted on a corporate stage every night of the neon week, until Baby Trump’s gesticulations were all that the media played.

The fear. The fear of the orangutan beating his chest and thumping his thumb.




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