Quadruple Nullity

What is so shocking is the great number of intelligent people who have subscribed to the meme that the “Russians hacked the election”.

This is a double and even a triple and quadruple nullity. The proof that this was a hack and not a leak has not even been established. Why haven’t the 17 intelligence agencies (do we need 34 intelligence agencies; would that help?), at this late hour, made a cogent case based on publicly available facts? O, right, national security!

And even if the Russians hacked the DNC and phished Podesta and gave the emails to Assange- who would then be lying, as he has denied this, SO WHAT? Is laying bare Hillary’s and the Democratic Party’s machinations such a horrible crime? Really.

And if this is such a horrible act of cyber espionage, why did Obama sit on this for well over a month, until after Hillary LOST the election, to then become so alarmed that he is now going nuts with retaliation? Might it be because his anointed successor, “the most qualified person ever to run for the presidency”, unexpectedly lost? (And if she was so qualified, why then did she lose? Ergo- because she was hacked!)

And so how does this hacking and phishing of email accounts remotely compare to the proximate history of CIA and political meddling in foreign elections and the invasion and overthrow of sovereign governments and the death and misfortune of millions?

The utter stupidity of this narrative is enough to make not only Putin laugh, but anyone with half a brain and a sense of political humor laugh hysterically until Jesus appears on a flying carpet.




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